How long does a photo session last?
It varies according to how many shots and people involved. Usually between 3/4 hour - 2 hours.
For children under 6, short and sweet is best, ideally 1 hour.
Can I bring a family member to help?
Yes, great idea! Dad, Aunty or Grandma will love to watch the process and help get the best expressions
How long does it take to produce my photos?
Images are available to view approximately 2-3 days after your shoot.
Print orders take approximately 2 - 3 weeks, depending on size and complexity.
Framing usually takes 1-2 weeks.
What will my investment cost?
Varies with requirements, detailed quotes can be given prior to session
Photo sessions - range from $80 to $190,
Packages - start from $400
When and how do I pay?
Deposit - for sitting required: $40 before session booking
Session balance - payable on day of shoot.
Print order - 50% deposit required to begin order.
Print order collection - balance to be paid on collection of prints.
Framing - Paid on collection of frame.
Payment methods - Cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard or Layby contract.